If you are an adrenaline junkie and keen fisherman, this sport is a must try!! What a Rush!! Nothing compares to hunting fish this way, being exposed to the elements and having only your skill to rely on. Prepare yourself for HEAPS of excitement; plenty adrenaline; good exercise and best of all a FANTASTIC!! sense of achievement. NOW THATS FISHING!!

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Kayak Fishing Cape Town Guide

The KayakFish getting started guide is a comprehensive guide with detailed information from start to finish. The guide continuously grows so be sure to visit on a regular basis. Please visit the safety section as Kayak Fishing is indeed a physical and dangerous sport.

Stealth Fishing Kayaks

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KayakFish is the local Western Cape based agents for Stealth Performance Fishing Kayaks. The Stealth brand of kayaks are without doubt the leading fishing and recreational kayaks available. This is also the only brand of proper fishing kayaks that offers you a full range of kayaks to meet whatever your needs.

We are experienced paddlers and fisherman able to guide you to the kayak that meets your needs. The online guide is here to get you started.

Join the kayak fishing community

We are a very big and active Kayak Fishing community in Cape Town, we are eager to share knowledge. Join the open whatsapp group and participate in on the conversation. The Western Cape Kayak Angling club is another very good base to start with, click here to visit the club website: wckac.co.za.


KayakFish hosts an annual fishing competition for kayak fishermen. This is without doubt one of the events on the calendar you don’t want to miss. For more info on the event please visti the event website: https://katonkelronkel.co.za/


Contact KayakFish

Kayak Fishing is unfortunately a part time passion and hobby for both Sean and Kowus. Our availability thus is on appointment only. Either of us would be very happy to unpack our tackle boxes and share whatever information you need. If you need to get in contact with us, for quickest replies please send us a whatsapp by clicking the green whatsapp button on the left.