If you are a adrenaline junkie and keen fisherman, this sport is a must try!! What a Rush!! Nothing compares to hunting fish this way, being exposed to the elements and having only your skill to rely on. Prepare yourself for HEAPS of excitement; plenty adrenaline; good exercise and best of all a FANTASTIC!! sense of achievement. NOW THATS FISHING!!

KayakFish is the Western Cape based agents for Stealth Performance Fishing Kayaks. Have a brief look at some of the most popular kayaks in the range of kayaks we have available (click the picture of each for more info) (Click here for the full range):

Stealth Profisha 575 The ultimate weapon for our Cape Town waters, (5,57m), fast and furious. Gets you to those out of reach secret spots.

Stealth Profisha 525 The fastest kayak that fill fit the length of a standard garage, literally built for that reason. (5,25m)

Stealth Fisha 555 Built to house our bigger anglers at maximum speed (5,55m) 100kg upwards.

Stealth Fisha 500
Buit for the beginner who isn’t going to fish every gap in weather but want to feel comfortable and stable from the first time and every-time he does get an opportunity.

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Stealth Fusion 480 Build to be indestructible for the abusers out there. A kayak any person with no experience can get on and enjoy some fishing. Great for shorter distance paddling and when you are going to be catching bottoms. Also a very good option for the Bass anglers out there, great versatile kayak.

Loads more on offer in the range to suite your needs, give us a shout if you need help and we will happily assist! For the full range, click here.

KAYAKFISH can help guide you from the start. Not only choosing the right ski, but all the info and advice you’ll need to help catching that 1st fish off your kayak. Once that happens you will see what all the fuss is about. Hooked for life!

THE KAYAKFISH TEAM fish “alot”, hence we are not always immediately available. For quickest replies use our personal direct WhatsApp links (green button) seen on the left corner of each web page. We try our best to get back to you as soon as possible. We hope you enjoy our site as much as we enjoyed setting it up for you! (We are constantly updating  – So Keep checking-in for any new events, specials and products on offer)

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