Bloody Gear In Hatch – Pre-Livewell Stealth Pro Fisha 575

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    Kowus PelserKowus Pelser

    I have one of the older model Stealth’s (Stealth Pro Fisha 575 Carbon) without a livewell. For easy access I used to have a container that I placed in my hatch that slides underneath my seat area. All my quick access gear was in this container. The problem here was once you start catching fish and they start slapping around in your hatch everything is filled with blood.

    I decided to add a divider and add a 8 inch inspection hatch. Now I have a lekker storage area in easy reach. I also added a little sealed wooden block to slide my pliers and knife into for quick access. I also added/relocated the stainless rod bar. My installation was done with perspex and silicone as a temporary measure should this not work for me. I intended on glassing this in nice yellow but opted to keep the temp option should my requirement one day change I just rip out the silicone.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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