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    Kowus PelserKowus Pelser

    Big topic to be discussed… what Kayak design suites you?

    Everyone would want a best across the board but the reality is to be goon jn one area there is another that’s sacrificed.

    These criteria are:
    – stability
    – speed
    – surf launch and land
    – hatch space
    – accessories

    For this argument I’ll stick to the forst three.

    As mentioned previously regarding sacrifice a good example would be… a wider kayak is by design more stable, however this in return makes the kayak slower. Length is a good way to up the speed and maintain stability. But with length you now have a storage problem. You need to find a good medium to meet your requirements.

    Understanding your requirements will be your first challenge. If you are starting out you obviously wouldn’t know where you will be fishing. The best option would be to find a loaner or rental for your first couple of times.

    Cape Town fishing offers a couple of options
    – Bottoms
    – Chokka
    – Leeries & Cob
    – Yellow Tail, Katonkel & Tuna

    Each of these will require a different strength. For example, YT and Katonkel will require trolling. This will mean that you will be covering lots of distance. Most of the time we fish YT outside Cape Point or out at Robben Island. Not a problem on any kayak but a longer faster kayak makes the traveling of longer distances a bit easier. Even more so if the weather changes and you need to fight the wind, this being Cpt this is a reality we deal with often.

    Another would be catching leeries or Cob in Strand. This will require a surf launch and drifting just behind the backline. A more stable kayak will be an advantage here. On bigger surf a shorter kayak with a flat nose like the supalite or pinnacle will be much easier to land opposed to a 575 stealth. But again, going for a small swim isn’t that bad if you’ve got a hatch filled with fish.

    At the end of the day the decision is yours and you need to do some homework. Contact some of the tour guides or reach out to the club for some more advice

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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