Reel, Multiplier Or Coffee Grinder?

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    Kowus PelserKowus Pelser

    This is really a personal preference. If you are familiar with your multiplier or you have a couple lying around use them!

    Multipliers work great as trolling, drifting reels. They are robust and can fight that monster fish extremely well. The do however not make great spinning reels.

    For spinning get yourself a proper small grinder. Big clunky grinders are not practical as you have space limitations if you need to hatch your gear. Don’t go too small, YT’s will destroy a 2000 a 3000 reel. Small grinders also are a bit easier to handle during continuous casts. Perfect is a BG4000 or Rovex Bib Boss 3 4000.

    If you are starting from scratch then go grinders all over. The newer generation grinders are exceptional. Spend at least R1000 on a proper grinder, plastics won’t handle the abuse that well. I would opt for slightly bigger grinders for trolling (5000) and smaller for spinning. Best would be to grab a rod in the tackle shop and feel the size reel on your rod.

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