Targeting Kob in Strand

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    The most sort after fish whether it be from the Rock, surf, boat or kayak. This fish draws anglers in mass. not many people get to target this fish in strand and those that do are often seen as crazy. I have various methods and rigs to target Kob in strand and as with fishing, there are days when the lights are on and then the dark days( sorry Eskom)

    Tackle wise i would use handline, or a 6ft rod paired with a 4000 size Shimano Sienna filled with 30pd braid and .80mm leader line. Hook Snoot will be dependent on the current and water conditions on the day. if the water is turbulent with undercurrents then a shorter hook snoot of about 30cm should suffice. on calmer conditions i would increase it to 60cm to create that extra bit of movement in the water. i would make use of drift baited lines and weighted.Hook sizes depend on the angler but i have had 30cm kob swallow an 8’0 hook down into its gut. circle hooks are the better alternative although i dont always use circles.

    Bait variations are also another topic in itself, but i believe in the fresher the better. Live mullet, fresh sardine( not last years box, that was used several times before), prawn, chokka(not pink) , maasbanker, elf and occie legs)


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