Arniston is famous for producing record.. “HUGE” 😱Yellow Tail. Not only Yellow tail but many other bottom fish species too.

Where do you park and launch? Well anywhere you feel comfortable… below is where most guys launch and park. (Yellow park, red launch).

Where to fish, Arniston offers one of the biggest fishing areas. There is an 8km reef running out and you can fish anywhere around this reef.

Take caution… the reef is shallow, in bigger swell there will be breaks that surprise you if you don’t take caution.

Another caution… You go far out and quickly lose sight of land. Make sure you have your FF with GPS and absolutely never go out alone.

Below a track of a trip to give you an idea.

What can you expect to catch at Arniston… “everything”.

It’s impossible to predict when the monsters will arrive but they were mostly caught here in the summer months between March and April.