Comp was great success! Fishing was a bit slow but everyone had a blast.view video here https://youtu.be/kWU5CjdrWzk


Welcome you Kayak Fishing freaks,.. to the official launch of the  “Kayakfish Witsand Classic”

The Kayakfish Team will make sure you are kept up to date via all the groups on facebook and Whats App.

The Kayakfish Team have thrown around many ideas. Bearing in mind we wanted to bring something different to the centre stage. Not only making it suitable for all. But also helps single out the ‘Top Guns” in the Western Cape,.. the guys that are pushing the envelope.. “you guys know who u are”! It’s time to see who’s champ.

Being a one day comp. Yes thats right its for one day! Its because of this very thing  that we are not able to confirm everything right away. Our focus is being serious about bringing the top guys to battle it out. But most importantly for everyone to have FUN doing it! We have great ideas and will be doing everything in our power to make them all a reality. So watch this space.

Lets just say it won’t be what u guys are used to and will be challenging for all “especially the Sea Comp Guys”

Yes! there are two divisions In the “Kayakfish Witsand Classic Comp”,.. check it out.

Kayakfish Classic River Comp:

This is for the chaps that maybe don’t get on the water as regularly as they’d like,..at least not enough to be pushing the limits right now.. if u get my drift 😉 It’s a little more relaxed vibe,… but challenging non the less. After all, we are talking about fishing here! Not many things are easy about fishing. But i guess thats why we are so amped to get that big one. Hey!, maybe this is the comp it all happens for you. The Trophy fish are there, nows your chance to go hook one.

Kayakfish Classic Sea  Comp:

The Sea Comp is the comp where gladiators are identified from the rest of the pack. You know who u are. This is where you go to battle  for “Top Gun”status of the Western Cape. Where too the biggest prizes will be allocated, and  for good reason! Guys participating in  this devision must seriously have the skills to pull it off.

So if you wondering if you’ve got what it takes, this is not for you. This is for the guys that know they have what it takes!! These guys are not putting themselves any more at risk than they are used too. Well maybe🧐🤔. Put it this way. “Fitness and time and length” and skill (obviously) all play a big role in this Sea Comp (Like with many things in life i guess hehe😆. Ok got side tracked. Where were we. Yes Gladiators!! Not just a luckyfish,… Waahaaa get it “lucky fish”🙄. To win the Kayakfish Classic Sea comp you will be required to bring your AAA game to the table. Jokes aside,. Let me just reiterate! if you have to think if this is for you don’t enter the Sea Comp.

Thats enough for now. Go  and get your tackle sorted and speak with the powers at be ! You will hear from us again soon.

Ok a few more bits of info.. below. But remember this is a work in progress so keep checking in here for updates. (Don’t stress We will be shouting it out to all the group and chats too)

Prizes Estimated at around R15000. Devin”Whaaaat!”)🤑😳

Entry fee will not be more than R400. (We are still busy finalising some costs for Caps or T-Shirts and whatever else we can manage to get included in that)

Launch for the Sea Guys will take place at NSRI Slip (see pic below)

Launch for the River guys will be at “Die huisie” on Gillies’ dairy farm (see pic below)

Weigh -In and Prize giving will take place at River Breeze resturant/Bar and function area.(see below)

Sea Species list below but i will let Lutcin get back to you on how this(scoring) works exactly, thats not my department. So cool it bru’s!




Weigh -In and Prize giving will take place at River Breeze resturant/Bar and function area. 

Welcome back guys! 

The Kayakfish Team have been working hard to make this another annual fixture in your diaries.

This is how we going to get you to ‘ink it’ in now already.

More great news;  We have secured over R19000 worth in sponsors.(Whaaaat!??)

Thats not all,… there is more …much more.  Too much fun coming up!  

We on the home stretch now, so put your glasses on and get cracking with this right away, if u want to see “what’s down there” (read on and be quick)


Here’s how: The first 25 Entrants go into a lucky draw for a brand spanking new Garmin Striker 4 fish finder.

(Yip, there will only be 25 of you in this draw) Whaat?!! Shhh Devin!


Stop wasting time, those odds are fantastic!! Get cracking and secure your spot for the lucky draw.   Send Brett  brett@kayakfish.co.za your completed form with the Proof of Payment to secure your place in the lucky draw.

“DOOO IT!!”  Haha just for you RYAN 🤣 (pvt joke sorry guys)


  1. Your gate way to becoming champ! Claiming your portion of the R19000 worth of goodies.
  2. Three token,s which you can do the following with:
  • 1 x boerie roll
  • 2 x drinks (whatever drink except Jamesons)

     3. Awesome T-shirt !

     4. Lucky draw (If you are one of the first 25 to get your Entry Form and proof of payment to Brett brett@kayakfish.co.za)

      5. 500ml bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

      6. Confirming possibly some other stuff too, hang ten. Will keep u posted.


Ok,there is more, don’t go anywhere – u may need to get cracking securing your spot here too.  Kayakfish Team have secured the whole ‘Die Huisie’ campsite and ‘Die Huisie’ itself (sleeps 4) For all you guys wanting to camp or rent ‘Die Husie’.  Prices are R70/night per person and if u want to rent ‘Die Huisie’ is R400/night (sleeps 4). Hmmm, I can hear a camp fire going and plenty laughing going on down there🤔. Whaat!? Was that a kob I heard smashing some mullet? 😱😱😱

So, email Sean sean@kayakfish.co.za now, soon as possible if u want to be down there. There is space for 3 camp sites💪


OK, we can’t take credit fully for this, but just so you know we have secured live games of the Bull/Lions at 3pm and the  Stomers/Sharks at 5h15pm at River Breeze shortly after you guys have measured up and prizes awarded of course.💪

COMPETITION RULES: KayakFish Witsands Classic 2019- Competition Rules (Official 1)