Pro Fisha 475

Pro Fisha 475 is the smallest kayak in the Pro Fisha range. Although designed mostly for speed and performance, its size makes it lighter and a little more manageable in the surf (This was achieved with adding slightly more rocker without losing the speed factor in the process)

Pro Fisha 575 Just Specs Pic
Pro FIsha 475. .3
Pro FIsha 475. .4
Pro FIsha 475. .1


    Width 660mm
    Weight 23.5kgs (based on stock standard fitting and plain white)
    Max paddler capacity – 95kgs
    Max carrying capacity 155kgs


    Four rod holders
    Carbon fiber rudder and fish hatch lid.
    Large size central fish and storage hatch incorporated with enough capacity
    storage to accommodate most rods and fish.
    Front drag/carry handle (Carefully positioned soft molded handle for easy dragging on beach sand)
    Bungs, for efficient draining from fish hatch and kayak.
    Webbing for storage on the rear.(rear inlay)
    Protective rubber and elastic, which helps secure your paddle whilst fishing.
    Standard fibre glass hatch lid and rudder.
    Rear eight inch storage hatch.
    Comfortable side carry handle.
    Back rest loop – small loop used for attaching a stealth back rest or seat system too.
    New self draining foot-wells with extra width.
    Fully adjustable pedal and rudder system.

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