How dangerous is kayak fishing?

Dangers are: Kayak Fishing is a physical sport and requires relative fitness. When fishing we ofter travel distances so you will need to be able to paddle. < just start out slow and don’t paddle beyond your own capabilities. Weather is something you need to familiarise yourself with, strong winds, swell and cold weather are things we need to watch out for <- there are plenty experienced guys on our whatsapp groups who will guid you towards perfect days. Sharks, Seals and Whales… not really. Be cautions and respect these animals however not really something you have to fear. When you see or hear whales don’t paddle too close to… Read More

Is it worth buying a fishing kayak?

If you plan on fishing often, once a month or more then most definitely. The challenge with not owning your own kayak isn’t just the availability of rentals but also getting yourself rigged optimally.